SprayMate™ Cabinet Washer Application System

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SprayMate™ Description

SprayMate™ Cabinet Washer Application System

The SprayMate has been designed to work alongside of the P300, P400, P500, and some other manual pre-treatment equipment systems in the industry. The SprayMate is manufactured entirely of stainless steel, made to withstand all types of chemicals. It has been specially designed for OEMs and job shops to clean small batches of parts thoroughly and efficiently to save cost on your chemical usage. It will connect to your existing PEM system easily, and it can be quickly engaged with the turn of a switch. Chemicals can be applied at heated or ambient temperatures still allowing you the same repeatability with cleaner parts.

Standard Features

  • 33" L x 34" W x 76" H
  • All stainless steel construction - cabinet, basket and plumbing
  • One switch to operate
  • 120v motorized spinning basket
  • Lower basket: 25 in. diameter
  • Optional top basket: 22 in. diameter
  • 700 lb total basket capacity
  • Vented exhaust
  • 10 chemical and 10 rinse nozzles
  • Drain under the cabinet


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